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Witte Museum Rock Art Foundation Curly Tail Panther Tour on the Devil’s River

Saturday May 6th

This tour takes you to a site that truly emphasizes “place” in the rock art of the ancient people who created these extraordinary paintings. The Curly Tail Panther site located high on a cliff above the Devils River north of Del Rio. The Witte Museum Rock Art Foundation especially wishes to thank the landowners for their stewardship of this unique cultural resource and for graciously allowing access.

This tour is very difficult and requires full mobility, balance, and stamina from all participants. The hike, while short, traverses loose rock, steep slopes, large boulders, thick brush, and a scramble across a high sloping narrow rock ledge. You must be able to scramble “knee to chest”. If you are unsure of your physical ability or afraid of heights, then this is not the tour for you.

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This tour is limited to 20 participants. Please call 210-357-1950 to reserve your spot and receive additional details.