Simply the Best

Simply the Best, Little Peppy and Buster Welch, King Ranch, Calandria

Little Peppy had a gate as smooth as silk and he was so powerfully put together but so incredibly athletic that he could “turn on a dime” without dislodging Buster’s hat.

You will see the smile on Buster’s face and the relaxed seat he has in the saddle, despite the impending duel with a seriously wild Santa Gertrudis cow. Those were cattle straight out of the brush, some who avoided being gathered for years and the dry cows would hook a horse at every pass in the herd. It was simply the best day ever. I am so glad to share it with you and I think of you each time I find an image such as this, I know that you understand what it means and how this time will never come again, what luck to be there on that day.