Pachos Herd The Stillman

Pacho’s Herd – The Stillman

Nicholas “Pacho” Rodriguez was the cow boss on the Norias Division of the ranch until his retirement and he is the horseman on the left side of the photograph who is in the tan brush jacket with the straw hat. Pacho was a fine horseman and at the same time he approached managing cattle in the calm, methodical manner of an executive with a leather briefcase. He carried a small spiral notebook in his pocket where he kept all of his cattle numbers. During this era the four divisions of the King Ranch ran 40 thousand mother cows with 250 cowboys and Pacho was one of the four cow bosses that managed the breeding herds on range comprised of pastures as large as 50 thousand acres.

It took a month of hot, windy, dusty days to gather herds of five hundred cattle and three or four days on the roundup ground to cut the dry cows and yearling calves to drive to the pens for sorting. I look at this photograph from horseback and remember Pacho, always dressed in his best starched brush jacket and straw hat for the three or four days that it took to work the herd and I am again touched by the graciousness of this kind and honorable man.