Mr. San Peppy and Buster Welch, 1979

Mr. San Peppy and Buster Welch

Mr. San Peppy was a descendant of King Ranch bloodlines, back to the selection of the first registered American Quarter Horse. He was being tried on the race track in New Mexico, sleek and muscular, he was quick and fast, so much so that he bucked all the potential jockeys off to the point of being relegated to a “pony horse.”  He could lead even cranky race horses to the gate because he was powerfully muscled and had an intense focus on the task. Bubba Casio called Buster to see if Buster would try and train Mr. San Peppy. Buster and his partner J. Agnew saw the silky stallion and bought him to see if Buster could bring out his King Ranch instinct to cut cattle for NCHA championship competitions. Tio Kleberg heard about the King Ranch bred stallion and liked what he saw, Buster and Mr. San Peppy formed an incredible partnership in the show arena. Tio convinced his father Richard Kleberg, Jr. to buy the stallion and back Buster in his campaign to win the NCHA Open World Championship twice, 1974 & 1976. They stood him at King Ranch and bred not only their own mares but outside mares, producing two thousand offspring. Little Peppy was one of the first male colt sired by Mr. San Peppy and was the winner of the NCHA Open Futurity of The National Cutting Horse Association. Buster Welch, Mr. San Peppy and Little Peppy are recognized in the American Quarter Horse and The National Cutting Horse Hall of Fame. Buster lives on his ranch in West Texas and won the NCHA- Senior Cutting Classic at 80 on a descendant of Mr. San Peppy. The gravesites of  Mr. San Peppy and Little Peppy are on King Ranch. Buster said of Mr. San Peppy, “He did all that I asked him to do” and of Little Peppy, “he had the heart of a gentleman.” The get of the two stallions created winnings by their offspring that held total moneys earned records that still stand today.