Cinched Up Norias Calandria

Cinched Up, Norias, Calandria

The last task of the day was the most dangerous, roping cows that needed their horns trimmed. The horns had grown inward toward the head, making these cows generally ill tempered, since they might have one or more horns piercing the skull. They were also the hardest to rope and once “headed” they were hard to drag out of the herd to be “heeled.”

The handlebar mustache indicates this is Tio, “cinched up” and “tied on hard and fast” to a fifteen hundred pound cow that was headed back to the herd. “Tied on hard and fast” meant that the 28 foot nylon rope with a knot at the end is looped around the saddle horn, “snubbed up” and securely tied with a braided leather “botón.” This method prevents the roper from losing a hand or fingers to the weight of a fifteen hundred pound animal rather than being “dallied” in a releasable wrap for calves up to 500 pounds.