Buster Welch Little Peppy

Buster Welch on Little Peppy

Buster always believed cattle were least stressed when handled in open pastures. Certainly, a good cow horse performed best in their natural setting, as well. This was an amazing era for Buster and Little Peppy, as they were running for the World Open Cutting Horse Championship.

The rush, the stress, and distant arenas all melted away in the warm sun and balmy breeze as Little Peppy stepped onto the roundup ground and saw the fenceless distance filled with red cattle waiting for yearling calves to be weaned. The economy of motion that Little Peppy marshalled with smooth muscles allowed him to turn effortlessly in the short radius of his hindquarters. This made it appear as though he was gliding through the herd.

Buster is smiling and relaxed. Little Peppy is “in the pocket,” just even with the shoulder of the calf, rating the cow’s intent and ready to slide to a stop and reverse direction to step in the cow’s line of sight back to the herd. They can let her go when she sees the lead steers at a distance, “the cut,” once she is drawn upwind to the sight and scent of those lead steers holding the shipping herd, she will be drawn away from the big herd, the magic of Buster and Little Peppy.