Beyond the Gallery | A Peek Into the Witte’s Collections

Now Open through March 14, 2021
Free with Museum Admission

Have you ever wondered how artifacts became a part of the Witte Museum’s Collection? Discover how anyone can become a collector and how what you choose to collect tells a story. Each collection and collector help to tell the story of Texas and share the story of San Antonio through art, history and culture. How do you complete the picture of who we are and where we come from?

Beyond the Gallery explores the Witte’s 90 year history as a cultural leader and how the diverse community collection is cared for and valued. Glimpse a sampling of the Witte’s collection items and discover the community story they tell. The benefit of seeing a diverse set of community experiences reflected in the Witte is that it helps people of all ages and background to validate their experiences and shared story. 

Discover a glimpse of the Witte Museum’s collection and the stories they tell.