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Alien Worlds and Androids

Blast off to a world where science fiction meets science fact. Time Warner Cable’s Connect a Million Minds presents Alien Worlds and Androids, an exhibition that invites you to explore the cutting-edge science taking place right now and brings you face to face with the fantastic worlds depicted in your favorite science fiction films and books. How close are we to discovering new alien worlds and alien life? What are the differences between androids and robots? What inspires scientists, writers and filmmakers? What do we hope CURIOSITY will find on Mars? Let’s find out! Join us on an interactive expedition to Alien Worlds and Androids. Explore nine unique areas of the exhibition: Are We Alone?, Looking for Life in Space, Alien Life on Earth, Artificial Intelligence and Robots, Robot Space Explorers, Explore the Solar System, The Robotization of Planet Earth, I-Cyborg, and The Human Microbiome.

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