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Kids in the Kitchen – Witte Museum Camp (Reservations Required)


9 a.m. – Noon
Let’s get cooking! In the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio™ Demonstration Kitchen, you will cook up your very own tasty and healthy kitchen creations. Learn tricks of the trade from guest chefs and experts, explore the H-E-B Body Adventure Container Garden, present your very own recipe, and more! Discover how making healthy choices can lead to a super you!

Monday: Garden Grow
Explore the H-E-B Body Adventure Container Gardens to discover what foods are in season. Practice techniques for starting your own container garden.

Tuesday: Measure Up
What happens when you add too much salt or not enough sugar? Find out how to balance just the right amount of ingredients to make your recipes delicious every time.

Wednesday: Pair it Up
How does your nose help you taste? Why do we eat certain foods together? Discover the science of your senses and how to combine flavors for tasty, nutritious results

Thursday: Delicious Designs
What does your perfect recipe taste like? Work with a group to plan and design your own delicious recipe.

Friday: Serve it Up
Show o­ff your new culinary skills as you and your team create and plate your own delicious creations!

Please call 210.357.1910 for details and reservations.