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Natural History

Animals in ActionAnimals in Action
Students examine live animals. Program Details »
From river to sink - whats in my drinkFrom River to Sink, What's in my Drink?
Investigating the chemistry of the San Antonio River. Workshop »

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STEM Related Science

Solid Liquid and Gas ProgramSensational Science Showcases
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South Texas Heritage

Ancient texan technologyAncient Texan Technology
Explore the people
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wild and vivid stories of the people in south texasWild & Vivid: Stories of the People
Explore South Texas
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History and Culture Workshops

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South Texas Heritage

South Texas Heritage programs focus on geography, history, and cultures in south Texas.

Student Workshop

All programs require reservations. Call 210.357.1910.
2.5 hours | $2.50 per student | 9:30 a.m. - Noon on specified days


Ancient Texan Technology
Grades 4 - 8 | Tuesdays | Maximum 40 students

How did the hunting and gathering people, who lived in the Lower Pecos region of Texas 4,000 years ago, use their environment to survive? Students find out through inquiry and hands-on activities that include examining stone tools, using an atlatl, making cordage, grinding pigment and creating pictographs.


TEKS- Social Studies- 4.1A; 8D; 9A,B,C; 14A, 22A; 23A,C; 5.9A,B; 14A; 22A; 24C; 25A; 26A,C; 6.2A; 4B; 7A,B; 21A; 22A,C; 7.2A; 20A; 21A; 22A; 8.27A; 29A; 30A; 31A

TEKS- Fine Arts- 4.1A; 2A,B;  3A,B; 5.1A; 2A,B; 6.1A; 2A; 3A; 7.1A; 2A; 8.1A; 2A


Wild & Vivid: Stories of the People
Grades 4 -7 | Thursdays | Maximum 30 students
Through the use of primary source materials (maps, photographs, works of art and historical artifacts) and guided inquiry, students delve into the geography, the professions and the cultural traditions of South Texas in the 19th century. In small groups students handle, sketch and measure historic objects, and ask questions about artifacts share their discoveries with their peers.

The Freighter

Explore the life, tools and animals of the freighter as students investigate the trials of South Texas landscape and consider how people in San Antonio acquired luxury and essential goods.

The Rancher

Unpack the landscape, animals, clothing and tools of the rancher as students explore life on the trail and the home front and the dilemmas of drought, cattle rustlers and conflict among neighbors. 


TEKS- Social Studies- 4.1 B,C; 5A; 7B; 8A,B,C,D; 11B; 13 A,B,F; 14 F; 22 A,B; 23 A,B,C,D; 5.8 A,C; 9A,B; 14 A,E; 24 C, 25 A,B; 26 A,B,C,D,E; 6.4 B,D; 5A; 6C; 7A,B,C; 21 A,B; 22 A,B,C,D,E; 7.6 A,B; 9A,C; 10A,B; 20C; 21A,B,C; 22A,B,C, D   

The South Texas Heritage Experience

Grades 4-7 • Monday and Wednesday • 9:30 – 12:00 • Maximum 120 students

Get more value from your visit with this new multifaceted program package! Your students will work with education staff in small groups. They will use primary sources (documents, works of art, and artifacts) to explore a variety of history themes as they rotate through the following activities at the South Texas Heritage Center:

Oh, Build me a Ranch!

Historical documents give math a new look!

People at work

Early Texas art provides insight into daily life.

Gallery Theater

Vaquero y Cowboy: A Campfire Conversation, by Bryce Milligan

Interactive Tour

A Wild and Vivid Land: Stories of South Texas Exhibition

Social Studies: 4 B; 17 A, c, E, F; 18 A; 4-2 A, C; 4 B, C; 8 A, B, C; 9 A, B, C; 10 A, B; 12 A, B; 21 A, B, C, E; 22 C; 5.24 B, 25 A, B, C, F; 26 A, B, C, D; 6.1 A; 3 A, D; 4 A, B, C, D, E; 5 A, B; 7.1 A-B; 6 A- C; 8 A-B; 10 A-B; 12 A-C; 20 A, C, D, E; 21 A-H

Mathematics: 4.3 A, B; 4 A-D; 11 A- B; 14 A-D; 15 A- B; 16 A-B; 5.3 A-B; 5 A; 10 A-C; 14 A-D; 15 A-B; 16 A-B; 6.8 A; 11 A-D; 7.9 A; 13 A-D; 14 A-B

Arts: 4.1 A-B, 2 A-C, 3 A-C, 4 A-B; 5.1 A-B, 2 A-C, 3 A-C, 4 A-B; 6.1 A-B, 2 A-B, 3 A-C; 7.2 A-C, 3 A-B

Theater: 4.4 A-B, 5 A; 5.4 A-B, 5 A; 6.4 B, 5 A; 4 B, 5 A-B; 7.4 B, 5 A-B