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Natural History

Animals in ActionAnimals in Action
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From river to sink - whats in my drinkFrom River to Sink, What's in my Drink?
Investigating the chemistry of the San Antonio River. Workshop »

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Solid Liquid and Gas ProgramSensational Science Showcases
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South Texas Heritage

Ancient texan technologyAncient Texan Technology
Explore the people
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wild and vivid stories of the people in south texasWild & Vivid: Stories of the People
Explore South Texas
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The Master Plan

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"It's time to take it to the next level ... San Antonio needs a world-class museum."
Bexar County Commissioner Kevin Wolff

The Witte Museum has outgrown its quaint reputation as the "Attic of South Texas" and is poised to become a World-Class museum for a World-Class city. Bursting at the seams with school children, tourists, and local visitors, it is time for the Witte Museum to grow.

The Witte has launched a major campus expansion that will add more than 65,000 square feet to the campus.  This will include:

  • South Texas Heritage Phase – A new South Texas Heritage Center and Witte Research Center
  • New Witte Phase – The Valero Great Hall, Grand Entry and Main Campus Enhancements
  • Water Resources Phase – A Center for Rivers and Aquifers and Riverbend Wetlands

All this will enable the Witte to accommodate more than 500,000 visitors per year!

To learn more about the coming improvements to the Witte Campus: